Everyday Fictions

Writing by Adam Golub

"From Frankenstein to King Kong to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, students in these classes examine texts, read critical theory, and make connections between these monsters and their own societies. Students study monsters in terms of space, religion, history, philosophy, politics, sexuality and gender. Students write papers, give presentations, make posters, take exams, and create and photograph “grotesque” scenes. In short, students learn. A lot. And they have fun doing it."--PopMatters

"This is an excellent resource for other teachers of the monstrous, but also gives an enjoyably immediate insight into other people's classrooms... These pedagogical campfire tales come highly recommended." --Women, Gender & Research

"[The essays] usefully, insightfully, and often ingeniously, demonstrate how a wide range of existing theoretical work on monstrosity can be productively employed in a variety of classroom contexts."--Sean Moreland, University of Ottawa 

"A strong collection that is truly pedagogical insofar as it provides concrete tools...syllabi, assignments, etc....for educators of all levels. It also folds in scholarship, as the two go hand-in-hand.--Lisa Nevarez, Siena College.



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